Everyone online seems to be a little bit obsessed with font icons

The old fashioned technique to create icons was simply to crop images to work as icons and provide the same image quality for all sizes.

Step 1

First, head on over to the Erana Icons page and download the latest version of the icon set.

Step 2

In the file you download, unzip it and install the fonts on your computer.

Erana Install Step 2

Step 3

After font is installed, go to Icons page and copy ( or  CTRL+C ) the actual icon (not the unicode)


Step 4

Paste it into your design application using it’s Text tool. For an example, I’ve highlighted and copied the “ea-pencil” icon, then I pasted it into Photoshop. CTRL+C / CTRL-V.

You will wind up with a block X like in the picture below.

Erana Install Step 4

Step 5

Highlight the broken font and in the character field change it to “Erana.”

Erana Install Step 5
Erana Install Step 5

Check out the examples to start using Erana icons!

See the video tutorial